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What IS TweakBox?

TweakBox is a 3rd Party App Installer that lets you enjoy your favorite apps with a twist.

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    TweakBox has become a community of active followers who enjoy installing apps without a Jailbreak. Growing and growing everyday.

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    Design is a very important part of TweakBox, We´ve worked very hard to make TweakBox a great looking App.

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    TweakBox simple design allows for fast and agile app downloading. Open,Select,Install. It is that Easy. No need for computer or Jailbreak.

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    It may be difficult to believe, but TweakBox is completely Free. it runs only on Ads and Donations from Users.


Here are Some Screenshots.

Simple and Unique !

Since the 1st of September, TweakBox has been all over the internet. We believe we have come so far thanks to all the users that everyday support it and thanks to the work, time, effort and joy we have put into this App. We couldn´t be happier!

Packed with amazing Features.

  • Reliable and Secure Platform
  • We will always be there for you
  • Instant Fixes and Support
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Available for
iOS, iPhones, iPads, iPods. Since iOS 7 and above.

We have had Daily Updates .for 3 months already and we can tell we will keep up to this numbers in the future. Apps can stop working, and that is where TweakBox really shows what it can do. fixing apps daily, we always offer working apps in an easy way to our users. We beat the competition inUser Satisfaction


We offer 5 different Categories within TweakBox.

  • Flash Apps!: Apps that Should NOT be in the AppStore
  • AppStore Apps: Get Paid Appstore Apps for FREE
  • TweakBox Apps: Your place to get Emulators, Screen Recorders, Music apps, Movie Apps and More!
  • Tweaked Apps!: Find Modified versions of your favorite apps like Instagram, Snapchat...
  • Hacked Games: Is there a better feeling than having unlimited coins in a game?


Since Day One — Sep 1, 2016

Who is behind TweakBox

TweakBox is developed by one single person. Who manages twitter, the website, the app and everything related to TweakBox.

ItsNash0 Developer and Creator of TweakBox

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