TweakBox Features

TweakBox is a feature-rich app!

Easy To Use

TweakBox is a very easy to use app installer, just open the app, go to your preferred category, and install the apps you want!

2k+ Apps

Tweakbox has the biggest app library of working apps in the world, offering a range of different categories to choose from

It is Completely FREE!

Yep, TweakBox is and will always be Free, we support ourselves with Ad reveneue and Donations from our Patreons, Thank you very much!

User Satisfaction

With over 7 Million users worldwide, we can surely say that over 90% of TweakBox users are completely satisfied with the service!

How do I use the App?

It is incredibly easy

Open The App

Navigate to your Favorite category

Now download the Apps you want!

Everything is secure with SSL

App Picture

What are you waiting for?

If you are here and still have not installed the app we take it as we could not impress you! so the best way of explaining everything in TweakBox is by showing you a Video. we hope you enjoy!

App Image

Endless Fun

Apps have taken a huge part on our lives lately, but we thought that apps could offer more, so we created TweakBox! an easy way to download these modified, free and hacked apps!

Secure Platform

Apps are delivered using the standard SSL encryption.

Fast & Reliable

I personally take care thet the infrastructure is working at light speed! because no one likes waiting 5 minutes for apps to download!

Great Design

Many Tweakbox users come everyday to check out new apps, so we decided to make a beautiful app so you can look at a great design everyday!

All apps are free

Not a single app is paid in TweakBox!

Download the App Now!

Over 7 Million people using this app.

A box full of tweaks

@Jakeashacks Developer

A very good app that allows you to easily download hacked/free applications without a jailbreak

@tylerscottcunn TweakBox User

The best third-party app store ! Thanks Nash0

@Sofiane_Berr TweakBox User

I love how smooth everything runs and when an app stops working your on it and it’s fixed within two days of it stopping

@DOOMLAD101 TweakBox User

It's been the most reliable non jail broken capable app, constant updates, reliable developer and not to mention.AMAZING DEVELOPER #thankyou

@DMrichh TweakBox User

More than Jailbreak

@MKondhre TweakBox User

Amazing app, the creator works very hard to do his best on making this a perfect app and it is a perfect app, I give it a 5 star rating!!!

@DoA_Nightfall TweakBox User

This amazing app has such a nice gui and clean look makes everything so simple and fast best service ever.

@Tylerhayes1999T TweakBox User

a great and helpful app with wonderful staff. the most trustworthy cydia tweak app out there. 4.5 stars

@DailyJumper TweakBox User